After having three kids in four years, I could no longer ignore the diastsis recti that was causing me discomfort and impacting my lifestyle. Trying to find help on Long Island was discouraging - and the physical therapy centers that offered women’s health therapy in our area felt like factories that were just cycling patients through without taking the time to actually treat them. It felt near impossible to find someone experienced, knowledgeable and caring... until I found Liz!

Liz proves one on one care that is unparalleled. She took the time to hear about my experience and assess everything that might be going on with me. She educated me on the muscles of my core and pelvic floor and how they worked together and how I could fix them. She makes you feel at ease and empowered with a topic that can often feel uncomfortable. Liz worked through each exercise (hello, kegel!) with me and gave me an informative download to take with me to work on at home. In what felt like a very short time, everything seemed to click and my ab separation has improved drastically. The “mom pooch” I could not get rid of is starting to flatten as my ab wall strengthens and closes. Additionally (and although I had not gone to her for this treatment), I had told Liz during one of our sessions how I had been having foot pain and consulted a podiatrist who advised surgery as the only option. Liz suspected it might be linked to normal postpartum hormonal changes in addition to poor posture from pregnancy/carrying around a fussy newborn. She gave me postural exercises to work on and within 2 months the pain was completely GONE! I cannot believe I was going to consider a painful, expensive surgery that would have incapacitated me and required 6 weeks bedrest - when Liz’s diagnosis and treatment meant I could be on my feet, able to care for my family and continue working, in the same time frame I would have been recuperating.

As a busy mom herself, Liz knows how hard it is to find time for yourself and provides flexible, accessible care that works with your schedule. She takes a holistic approach to treating you that you just don’t find most places these days. I am so lucky to be her patient!!

- Ali D

During my second trimester I began experiencing significant pelvic floor pain. Liz was a godsend! Her caring and down to earth demeanor put me at ease immediately, and her knowledge and skill were apparent from the start. I worked with Liz regularly through my second and third trimesters. Liz helped me manage my pain and improve functioning so that I could continue working full time (and care for my active toddler!) up until the very end of my pregnancy. I trust Liz implicitly and would recommend her without reservation. I know I couldn’t have made it through my pregnancy without her expertise!

- Melissa B