Perinatal Wellness Package

The perinatal period is attended by important modifications in physiological functions of the mother. This is a normal process, but there is a lot that can be done to facilitate and optimize outcomes.  Mothers need to support their body as it grows and nurtures their baby, and set themselves up for the best outcomes postpartum, so that they can focus their energy on taking care of that new life. Many women do not find out that they have a problem with their abdominals or pelvic floor until they are presenting with symptoms of pain, weakness, and incontinence.  No one told them how to prevent these often preventable conditions.  Receiving the right education, developing body awareness, and knowing how to prepare the body for the physiological changes that occur with pregnancy can allow you to have a healthy pregnancy, be strong for birth, and have a faster recovery and return to function in the postnatal period.

6 SESSIONS: 3 prenatal + 3 postnatal 

One prenatal session for each trimester

  • Prenatal sessions include:
    • Pelvic floor biofeedback training to optimize awareness, control and strength
    • Pelvic floor muscle assessment
    • Pregnancy postural education
    • Biomechanical assessment of the spine and pelvis
    • Tools to manage pregnancy related pelvic pain and other orthopedic pain related to pregnancy
    • Preparation for labor and delivery: perineal massage instruction, birthing position with optimal pelvic floor muscle relaxation for pushing
    • Management and/or prevention of diastasis recti
    • Instruction to optimize abdominal/deep muscle system function to support growing belly 

Three postnatal sessions; scheduling of sessions determined on individual basis

  • Postnatal sessions include:
    • Pelvic floor muscle assessment, coordination and motor pattern training
    • Pelvic floor muscle strengthening
    • Prolapse assessment
    • Bowel and/or bladder incontinence rehabilitation
    • Cesarean section scar management
    • Episiotomy scar management
    • Diastasis recti assessment and rehabilitation
    • Abdominal splinting education and instruction
    • Core/deep muscle system rehabilitation and strengthening
    • Body mechanics instruction for baby care to minimize strain on the body
    • Ergonomic breastfeeding assessment and instruction
    • Return to exercise guidance 
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