The Preconception Patient

Preparing the mind and body for conception can be key for both men and women to ensure optimal fertility.  The best preconception care routine can help to create a healthy body for conceiving with ease and bearing a healthy pregnancy.  This is largely achieved through proper nutrition and gentle detoxification of accumulated toxins.  Additionally, an integrative approach to evaluation and treatment of the patient includes assessment of the structural relationships between the viscera and fascial attachments to the musculoskeletal system to ensure optimal reproductive organ function.  

Services offered include:

  • Visceral assessment and treatment of abdominal and pelvic organs to optimize organ function and mobility and enhance fertility
  • Preconception Preparation Wellness Program
    • This includes:

  • Education on environmental exposure to toxins and their influence on reproductive health
  •  Guidance in detoxing the body of stored chemicals via functional nutrition principles

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